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About the founder of Nisei Goju-Jitsu

"I am a father, independent business person, career martial artist and mentor.

Having been involved in martial arts training experiences since 1970. I presently hold four (4) black belts in four (4) different disciplines: USA GOJU, NISEI GOJU, NISEI JUJITSU AND BUDO TAIJUTSU (NINJUTSU). I specialize in self-defense tactics for students of all ages and have been instructing in Westchester County, NY since 1976. In addition to my own schools, I have taught at Concordia College, Sarah Lawrence College, The City College of the City University of New York (CUNY), the New Rochelle School District and the Scarsdale Union Free School District. In 1999, I founded my own martial arts system called "NISEI GOJU-JITSU."

After closing my commercial school of 22 years, The New Rochelle Karate Institute, I taught at the New Rochelle High School from 1998 until 2012. At the request of my students, I opened The New Rochelle Institute of Combative Arts in 2012."