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Nisei Goju-Jitsu: your path to a better life

When the people of Larchmont come to Nisei Goju-Jitsu to learn martial arts, they don’t just receive training, but a staff that is dedicated to helping them improve themselves. Nisei Goju-Jitsu forges individuals from loyalty, discipline, knowledge & hard work. This formula results in people of good character, confidence and ability. Our focus encompasses teaching the realities of self-defense in a traditional dojo environment.

Dedicated to enhancing our students

Learning a martial art can be the memorizing of moves, but at Nisei Goju-Jitsu we focus on teaching our students much more. Martial arts is, in some respects, a way of life. We do not mean that certain individuals earn a living from being in matches or teaching. Martial arts is a way of life because it practices mindfulness. When you practice a strike, a throw, or an exercise, the goal is to understand your body and be one with the movement. Eventually the goal is to, in time, be completely present in the moment and learn how to bring out that amount of centeredness when you need it. All the stresses in your life become much more manageable when you know how to find your center and understand that you have the mental tools you need to overcome the problem.

Martial arts instruction in Larchmont

Our instructors are expertly trained martial artists and experienced teachers. No matter what level a person has achieved, there is always more knowledge to gain and ways to refine one’s techniques. That is why our instructors continue to educate themselves in their martial art traditions. They understand that being able to impart knowledge is not a simple process. It requires keen observations about individuals and how they receive information, so you can make slight changes quickly to facilitate learning. We are very proud of the courses we offer the people of Larchmont and we welcome you to try one to see why Nisei Goju-Jitsu is the right choice for martial arts practitioners.